Tamas Lengyel

Hi 👋🏽, I am a Germany based experience designer. Passionate about the intersection of people, design & technology.

I ❤️ creating services & spaces where users can achieve their goals & fulfill their purpose.

My focus is on several interrelated & overlapping topics.

Service designEmployee ExperienceCustomer ExpeirenceUsabilityResearch

A few places where I learned the craft

I worked for national and global organizations on many different levels. During the most recent part of my journey I was the Vice President for Employee Experience & Engagment for DHL Express, before that the Customer Experience Engagment Lead for Deutsche Telekom Europe.

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I co-founded the DOERS conference, which is one of the largest Service Design conference in Europe.
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This is Doing

I am part of the fantastic This is Doing training team, where we provide remote, flexible training options to help you grow your design and innovation capabilities. I am running mostly employee experience design related topics.
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Design Thinking FAQ

During different design thinking sessions participants frequently ask for my advice about what books to read to acquire more knowledge in the field. Sometimes they are even more specific and ask about books for specific parts of the design thinking process - so this is my beloved selection.

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